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    Web Development Since 1999

    Stargate Consulting Group is a leading IT solution provider, specializing in web design, web development, B-to-B or B-to-C e-Commerce and online marketing.

    • Custom Web Design & Web Development
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Strategic Consulting
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Stargate Consulting Group, Inc Stargate Consulting Group, Inc

After doing work for others for so long, we decided we knew better and founded Stargate Consulting Group in 1999 in New York City. Immediately, we were deluged with requests for our services and got thrown headlong into learning the consulting ropes. We offer a variety of consulting services, short-term engagements, and products designed for manageability lowering the total cost of ownership for your organization. Our ability to utilize new features, new tools, and breakthrough technologies innovatively enables us to provide unparalleled service and to deliver comprehensive solutions.

Project Management

  • Commercial Software Management
  • Large Scale Systems Integration
  • Lifecycle Methodologie
  • Real-world Project Management
  • Consulting Rate: $50-$80/hr

Planning & Architecture

  • Identifying Target Audience
  • Defining Website Content
  • Navigation & Sectional Pages
  • Project Approval & Revisions
  • Consulting Rate: $50-$80/hr

Custom Web Development

  • Commercial Software Development
  • Large Scale Systems Integration
  • Creation of Web and Workflow
  • Management And Reporting Tools
  • Consulting Rate: $50-$80/hr

Application Support

  • Custom Training & Documentation
  • Third Party Software Vendors
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Management And Reporting
  • Consulting Rate: $50-$80/hr

Public Relations

  • Corporate Communications
  • Events and Event Planning
  • Media Relations
  • Web Content Writing
  • Press Kit Development

Social Media Marketing

  • Online Brand Management
  • Video Promotional Campaigns
  • Social Networking Submission
  • Relevant Content Research
  • Project-Based Consulting

Search Engine Optimizations

  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Content Writing
  • Link Development
  • Local Search Submission
  • Account Management

Training & Consulting

  • On-Site Training
  • One-to-One Training
  • Flexible Training Hours
  • Customized Courses
  • Consulting Rate: $80-$110/hr