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    Stargate Consulting Group is a leading IT solution provider, specializing in web design, web development, B-to-B or B-to-C e-Commerce and online marketing.

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Even out-of-the-box enterprise software often requires some customization to meet your needs. And frequently, your envisioned solution just doesn't exist in the market. Our Microsoft Certified Solution Developers can make a chosen off-the-shelf solution work or we can build a custom solution just for you. Either way, Stargate Consulting Group's experience in distributed 2-, 3-, and n-tier client/server systems assures you that we will fulfill your technical requirements with reliable, reusable, efficient, documented code.


ASP.Net 2.0/ 3.5/4.0, MVC2-4, HTML4.0-HTML5, CSS, XML, ASP 3.0, Ajax, Jqury.


  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 - 2008 R2

Project Design

  • User Interface design either using - HTML /CSS
  • Web and graphic Design - Adobe Photoshop
  • Banner Design - Adobe Photoshop CS / HTML / CSS
Free Initial Consultation

Best practices include:

  • Change and process management procedures
  • Version control and an iterative development model
  • Thorough unit testing

Possibilities include:

  • Thorough development of custom applications
  • Contribution of product extensions and value-added components
  • Creation of Web and workflow automation objects
  • Establishment of monitoring, management, and reporting tools