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Strategic Planning Stargate Consulting Group, Inc | Services  | Strategic Planning PDF

Stargate Consulting Group provides services to assist customers with both strategic planning and project planning.

It's a truism, even a cliché, that technology is changing at an extraordinary pace — inevitably, today's state-of-the-art system is tomorrow's Apple IIc. Can you afford to make ill-informed decisions? As specialized experts, we keep abreast of both current and future technologies and trends, partnering with software vendors whose strategic direction is clear and solidly founded. As practitioners, our recommendations are based on our years of real-world experience. Stargate Consulting Group will shepherd you through the available options so that you understand the full range of benefits and costs.

Possibilities include:

  • Emerging technology briefings and onsite training
  • Product/technology selection studies and strategic infrastructure assessments/planning

Project Planning

Planning is one of the most important, and often one of the most overlooked, phases of any project's life cycle. Once a project receives management's approval, companies tend to want to dive right into development and integration hoping thereby to see tangible results of their expenditure quickly. We strongly believe the contrary: that proper planning is essential to acheive expedited overall success and customer satisfaction. Stargate Consulting Group provides high-level and detailed planning for all projects that we lead. Additionally, as it is inevitable that the original plan will change over the course of any project, we implement strict change management procedures, ensuring that our projects stay on the right track.

Possibilities include:

  • Identification of scope, objectives, opportunities, and potential issues
  • Determination of resource requirements and creation of project team(s) with clear definitions of roles and responsibilities
  • Identification of critical success factors
  • Establishment of detailed and completion timelines
  • Review and updating of the original plan on a regular basis
  • Establishment and maintenance of realistic customer expectations
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